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"How Am I Using This Book To Improve My Blogging

Once I realized that this book had familiar and new bloggers AND it was in bite sized chunks I decided that Iím going to use this book over the next 40 days to give me a refresher course/a little inspiration on blogging.

Iíll read a chapter a day, look at the blogs of the blogger featured, see what they are doing well and see what in their advice I can implement. In this way each day for the next month and a half Iíll be actively looking at how another successful blogger is approaching their blogging - an exercise that Iím sure will have lots of benefits.

Iím only a couple of days in but I think itís going to be a fun 40 days (or possibly a bit longer as Iíll take a few days off for Christmas)."
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"Another valuable takeaway from the book is learning what blogs these pros regularly read. I discovered around ten great blogs that I didnít know about, which I have now added to my feed reader.

To make the most out of the book, I recommend that you read it with a highlighter handy to mark out all the tips that resonate with you. Think about this: if you get just one good tip per blogger, you will have forty specific, actionable steps that you can follow to improve your blogging."
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"This is one of those books that serious bloggers will keep on their shelves. I know itís staying on my shelf. I took notes as I read through the book, jotting down what I felt was pertinent information and also blogs that I intended to check out. I was surprised at how much was there, and I was also surprised to find out how disparate the blogs can be."
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"What's great about Blog Blazers is that instead of outlining blogging success from a single source, the author decided to interview 40 successful bloggers using a fixed set of questions. That way, you have different perspectives on the questions at hand.


Blog Blazers is a book I'll keep handy when I need blogging inspiration, and I highly recommend it."
- Read the full review from Angelo Racoma of Performancing
"There are a lot of blogging books out there. Many are good, but I've found Blog Blazers to be a gold mine of instruction. That's why I'm recommending it to my students in one-on-one and classroom settings. Stephane Grenier quizzed 40 fantastic blog authors on how to create a high-profile, high-traffic, and high-profit blog.


If you're coming to the Drake University workshop on Saturday, we'll be talking a lot about this book."
- Read the full review from Mike Sansone of ConverStations
"The book itself can be read in one sitting or in chunks. Each interview serves as its own chapter and is fairly short. While I was reading Blog Blazers, I kept it in the car and read it while I was waiting for the kids at the bus stop or waiting for them to finish an after-school activity. Itís a book that is easily picked up and put down and picked up againĖa real plus for a busy life!

What I liked about this book is that, not only is it educational (learning how successful bloggers handle the business side of blogging), itís also motivational. Iíll be keeping my copy at my desk for those days when I canít quite seem to find my blogging mojo and need a little push. Reading how others have worked hard to become successful bloggers encourages me to keep working toward my own goals.

The bottom line: I would recommend Blog Blazers. The price is right and itís an easy read. Itís great for a quick pick-me-up when motivation is nowhere to be found."
- Read the full review from Melanie Nelson of Blogging Basics 101
"I recommend that you read Blog Blazers not once but a few times to absorb what the top bloggers are telling you and mark out all the tips that resonate with you. If you get just one good tip per blogger, you will have forty power packed focussed tips to improve your blogging. You can buy the ebook or the hardcopy of the book. I highly recommend you to buy the hardcopy of Blog Blazers as it has a better impact and you can mark out tips that resonate with you."
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"The last book I read is one that I will turn to on a regular basis and one that is highlighted and dog-earred like crazy. That book is Blog Blazers by Stephane Grenier. This is a definite must have for any blogger, both new and old. For the new bloggers you will find the book full of ways to succeed, what pitfalls not to fall into, how to gain readership and so much more. For the old time bloggers, this book can be used as a way to refresh your line of thinking when it comes to success, pitfalls and your readership."
- Read the full review from Jennifer Leet ata The Dirty Shirt
"Hereís the book that has gotten me interested in blogging again.

Just like a good blog, "Blog Blazers" is full of timely information written in a very readable format. The question and answer format is surprisingly effective and Stephane Grenier presents the expertise in a very practical, actionable, motivational, and entertaining format."
- Read the full review from Scott Meade of Synap Software
"The bottom line is that this book costs $16.95, and it is worth every single penny you would spend on it. Some of the mistakes that these bloggers have made, you can learn from them. You wonít have to make their mistakes and risk your blog. So go out and buy this book right now."
- Read the full review from Syed Balkhi
"I have been blogging for approximately four years. I have been an online entrepreneur for two years and all of my business depends on blogging. During the four years I have been a blogger, I learned a few tricks of the trade and I incorporated that knowledge into forming my online business. Had I read Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets to Creating a High-Profile, High-Traffic, and High-Profile Blog by Stephane Grenier before all those endless days and nights learning the craft, I canít imagine all the time I would have saved."
- Read the full review from Dorothy Thompson at As The Page Turns
"As I read through the book, I marked specific interesting passages with Post-it page markers that I wanted to come back to. By the time I finished, I had about 20 pages marked for review."
- Read the full review from Scott Karstetter from Smart Productivity
"After reading through the entire book, I can say that it is definitely worth your time. My initial reservations about asking the bloggers the same questions was wrong. I found the consistency made it easier to read and it made me want to read every interview. But best of all, every interview offered lots of useful advice and recommendations, some of which Iíve already started applying to my blogs. Iíve also learned about some new bloggers, that Iíve since added to my RSS reader. More importantly, I noticed as I was reading it that I was thinking of ideas and things I wanted to do on my blogs. Reading this book got me all excited about blogging again."
- Read the full review from Paul Lefebvre at Software Made Simple
"Simply put, Blog Blazers is a great book for anybody who wants to succeed as a blogger. Not only does it offer top notch information from some of the biggest names in the blogging industry, but it is also well written with a killer layout."
- Read the full review from Chris at Freelance Writing
"...if you want good solid interviews with 40 great bloggers, this is a great book to check out. I loved reading it."
- Read the full review from Chris Brogan
"I almost finished reading it one sitting in between several cups of coffee.

Damn! Itís hard too put it downÖ."
- Read the full review from Yan Susanto of Sponsored Review
"The book itself is very interesting. The concept is highly interesting and basically Stephane has painstakingly interviewed 40 highly influential bloggers and asked them questions such as what their most successful blog post was, how they make money from their blog and what are some of their favorite blogs. Now, youíd think that wow 40 bloggers, that must be quite disorganized. Well, Stephane solved that issue too. The book is HIGHLY organized. The questions are well placed and it was really easy to go through the index and look up a certain blogger so you can read more about their interview."
- Read the full review from Enkay
"Blog Blazers is the ideal place to start your own Blog Improvement Project, as you will connect with bloggers who most meet your definition of success."
- Read the full review from Dawn at She Is Too Fond Of Books...
"According to me, its a precious book for all bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. Because its good to learn from the people who have already learnt a lot. So we highly recommend this book to everyone."
- Read the full review from Satish at
"All in all, itís a great book and worth a read if you want to know how these bloggers blog and how you should blog. You may have heard the tips somewhere else, but it still is fresh to know that even the simplest tip actually means something."
- Read the full review by Michael Aulia
"If you want to power up your blogging regardless of what niche youíre writing for, then Blog Blazers is definitely worth the time to read. "
- Read the full review from Alan LeStourgeon at Affiliate Confession
"I canít wait to see what else I learn from this book and I will let you know how it goes. I highly recommend this book for any blogger."
- Read the full review from Stephan Miller
"Heís chosen 40 top bloggers from a variety of blog topics and asked them all the same set of questions. That makes for a great read because you get to see the extreme range of opinion over the same topics. It gives you a frame of reference, rather than being just 40 separate interviews with nothing connecting them."
- Read the full review from Shane Pike of Ask Shane
"Take my example, I read the book slowly, enjoying the nuggets that each of the bloggers shared. When I finished the book, I had a full day of work ahead to add the first five things to what I was already doing with this blog. My support guy wishes I had never read the book I am sure, since I have another ten things to do next update day."
- Read the full review from Reg Nordman from Knights on the Road
"If you are thinking about blogging, you are blogging but no one is reading it or if you want to rethink your blogging strategy, you should pick this book up"
- Read the full review from Ron McDaniel of Buzzoodle
"With his forty exceptional interviewees, Grenierís approach allows for an enlightening peek into the world of blogging presenting it as being in a constant state of change. Intended to be a learning experience into blogging, this book delivers in spades and is a rewarding and well-rounded contribution to the subject matter."
- Read the full review from Norm Goldman of
"The book is overall very easy to read, providing bite-size pieces of information about the secrets youíve always wanted to know about the top bloggers out there! I also really enjoyed discovering new bloggers such as Jennnette Fulda (hilarious!), The Secret Diaries of Steve Jobs or the Manalo Shoe Blog. There is something for everyone, not just marketing and business bloggers.

I think the book is great for advanced bloggers willing to use a refresher course and willing to pick up blogging tips from top bloggers! I guess we all secretly want to know how really successful bloggers made it...

The book has definitely given me some inspiration and Iíll try to follow their advice and implement a few changes to my blogging technique."
- Read the full review from Laurence Borel of Blog Till You Drop!
"What made this book worth reading for me was not just the tips on blogging but the fascinating stories behind some of the most successful people in the blogosphere. If youíre thinking of starting a blog or feel your blogging is becoming a little stale, then reading Blog Blazers is a great way to take inspiration from some of the blogging greats and rekindle your enthusiasm for 2009."
- Read the full review from Mark Gladding of eBooks Just Published
"I really enjoyed reading it, and it sits right next to me on my desk so I can reference different things when I need to.

Itís really neat to read the answers to the questions Stephane ask the top bloggers of today, and it gave me a lot of insight into marketing my own blogs. You will be really surprised by some of their answers!."

"If youíre a blogger you really need to check out this book. It will be the best $16.95 youíve ever spent to becoming a better blogger"
- Read the full review from Julie at Julie's Journal
"Should you buy this book? Yes, highly recommended"
- Read the full review from Stephan Schmidt at Code Monkeyism
"Blog Blazers contains invaluable information that anyone thinking about blogging should heed."
- Read the full review from Dr. Tami Brady from TCM Reviews
"Itís a quick and easy read and well worth any bloggers time."
- Read the full review from Mark from Search-This
"Retailing at 16.95 US Dollars, Blog Blazers is a thoroughly enjoyable book which you will find hard to put down. It gives a great insight into how some of the most successful bloggers on the internet think and what they believe is most important when developing and marketing a blog.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your blog then you can do much worse than pick up a copy of Blog Blazers. Recommended :)"
- Read the full review from Kevin Muldoon from BloggingTips
"After reading this book, I find that it is giving me a glimpse of the the different bloggersí mindset. It is not so much about teaching you how to blog, but it gives you the "why" element."
- Read the full review from Charles Lau
"At $16.95 Iíd honestly say it was a steal, even if I had no connection to it whatsoever, because the value a blog can drive for a small business is immense."
- Read the full review from Patrick McKenzie at MicroISV on a Shoestring
"I strongly suggest you to pay $16.95, and order the book. Let the pros show you the way!"
- Read the full review from Mert Erkal on Search for Blogging
"If youíre serious about blogging and havenít finished your holiday wish list yet, this might be a good gift idea. Itís not a very expensive book and there is some great expert advice in there."
- Read the full review from Roy Tanck
"If youíve always dreamed of being a world-famous blogger, then you canít do better than ďBlog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their SecretsĒ"
- Read the full review from James Turnbull from Google Sightseeing
"While blogs are no longer ďnewĒ as they were when I started, I still think theyíre a key component to any startups business, especially a MicroISV. Now, one problem with blogs is that itís often hard to find concise advice on how to blog well. Even just figuring out where to start looking for advice is difficult. Sure thereís lots of ďhow to blogĒ links in Google, but few get into the subtle details that make a truly successful blogger. Blog Blazers does just that. If youíre starting out in blogging or want to grow your blogging presence this book is where to start."
- Read the full review from Ian Landsman


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