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Yaro Starak is a professional blogger, best known for, a blog that teaches people how to start a successful Internet business.

Although Yaro's never had a job, he's consistently made money online since his university days. In the last ten years he's run an English school, an online proofreading business, a freelance web development and hosting service, bought and sold websites for profit and has consulted on Internet businesses, both starting and growing them. Yaro even launched one of Australia's most popular sites dedicated to the trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, while traveling the world as a competitive player and tournament reporter for the game.

Today, Yaro is focused on his passion: blogging. He consistently earns over $6,000 per month from his blog and recently launched a new mentoring program (, to help others replicate his blogging success.

Yaro also published a guide on making money from blogs"The Blog Profits Blueprint" which you can download for free from

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