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Stephane founded LandlordMax Software Inc in 2003, a company specialized in selling property management software to real estate investors, property management companies, banks, and cities. Since its beginnings LandlordMax has continued to grow, with sales in almost every continent of the world.

In 2005, Stephane started his blog to give his customers more transparency into the inner working of his company and himself. Originally the blog mainly focused on real estate and LandlordMax itself, but this quickly evolved to publishing articles about how to run a business, be successful, and of course a view behind the scenes of his company. On the blog he shares with his audience not only the successes of his company, but also the experiences and adventures he's had in business. The blog is now generating approximately half a million unique visitors a year and growing exponentially.

Before founding his company, Stephane was primarily a consultant for IT companies across Canada and the United States. He's worked mainly with enterprise level applications in many roles such as lead developer, team lead, project lead, etc., with the largest website handling over 50 million unique visitors a year.

With a BSc in Computer Science, he has spoken at seminars on how to generate traffic for companies and websites. He is an active member of a local passive income investment group, often speaking about his latest experiences.

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