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Dharmesh is a software entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and Chief Software Architect of HubSpot (, a software company building a revolutionary software platform for Internet Marketing. HubSpot is his third software startup.

Dharmesh is a technologist, more specifically, a software developer. He's built and shipped approximately ten commercial software products across his various startups. He still programs as it keeps him in touch with reality and makes him a better entrepreneur. Plus, he enjoys it.

Prior to founding HubSpot, Dharmesh founded Pyramid Digital Solutions, an enterprise software company in the financial services sector. Bootstrapped with less than $10,000 in capital, Pyramid went on to demonstrate exceptional growth and was a three-time recipient of the Inc. 500 award. Pyramid Digital Solutions was acquired in August 2005 by SunGard Business Systems.

Since the sale of Pyramid, he has been an active member of the entrepreneurial community in the Boston area and has made several angel investments in early-stage technology companies. Dharmesh has recently graduated from MIT with an M.S. degree. As part of his graduate work, he wrote a thesis focused on software startups. Dharmesh also has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB).

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